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The Postman Sometimes Rings Thrice

For my alternative writing assignment, I decided to write a new ending to The Postman Always Rings Twice.  I decided on this one because I feel like there are multiple endings that this story could have and I enjoyed this reading the most out of three that I read. I like writing stories so this should be interesting! I will begin my ending where the quotations end.

“I ran with her up to the place where our sweaters were, and set her down. I got the car key out of mine, then wrapped both of them around her and carried her up to the car. It was up beside the road, and I had to climb the high bank the road was on, above the beach. My legs were so tired I could hardly lift one after the other, but I didn’t drop her. I put her in the car, started up, and began burning the road.

We had gone in swimming a couple of miles above Santa Monica, and there was a hospital down there.”

I drove as fast as I could but it still seemed like hours before we even caught sight of the hospital.  She was getting worse by the minute and by the time we got there she was doubled over in pain.  I put the car in park and immediately got out and ran to her door.  I had been so preoccupied about getting her there okay that I hadn’t noticed she was crying.

“The baby, Frank.  It feels funny.  I think it’s gone.”

“Take it easy.  We’re here now and they’re gonna take care of you and the baby.”

“I don’t want to be taken care of, Frank.  I killed our child!”

“You did no such thing. Come on now we have to get inside.”

I picked her up quickly and did all I could not to run through the hospital doors.  I was worried about the baby too, but  was more worried about what would happen to Cora.  I didn’t want to be without her and I wanted a child with her too.

The doctors took her back into a room immediately and made me stay out in the hall.  I waited and waited and waited but no doctor or nurse was telling me anything.  After waiting long enough, I grabbed one of the doctors, looked him right in the eye and just stared at him for a moment.

“What is going on in there, Doc?”

“Right now, it’s a very fragile environment and I’m sorry, sir but you can’t go in there yet.”

“What do you mean by fragile?  Is she dead?  Tell me! Is she dead, Doc?!”  By this time I was yelling, my frustration had gotten the best of me.

“We will get you in the room as soon as we can, sir.  Now let go of me before I call security.  We’re doing everything we can.”

He shook my hands off of him and then quickly walked away and then he vanished around the corner.  I sat back down on the bench with my head in my hands.  I hated not knowing.  I hated not being in there.  I sat back and stared at the ceiling and must’ve dozed off for a few minutes because suddenly I was awoken by a little blonde nurse.

“You may see her now.  Please follow me.”

She let me stand up and then opened the door to the room for me.  I saw Cora lying there and I swear she looked like she had died.  I ran to the bedside.

“Cora. Cora.  Are you alright?”

“Frank.” She half smiled.  “Frank, I’m okay. You love me right?”

“I love you, Cora.”

“I love you, Frank. Kiss me.”

About a week later she was allowed to leave the hospital so we got out of there as soon as we could.  She wasn’t the same, though.  She didn’t seem happy or interested in anything.  I guess that’s what losing a baby does to you.  I told her it’s okay, we can try again if she wants to, but she just stares at me.  She doesn’t say much either.  I tell her we’re in love but it’s just answered with more stares.  Hopefully soon she’ll snap out of it.  I want to travel and go places but all she wants to do is lay in her bed all day. I’ll tell you, that won’t do too much help.  We’ll see what happens but I can’t just stay like this much longer.


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