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The Pug and the Horse

This is the “Once Upon a Time…..The End” prompt. The words I got were liquid, sadness, autopsy, hoofs, federation, finger, forest, hospital, crossfire and periodic.

One night, a fawn pug had gotten out of the his master’s house and my now roaming the dark forest. He was sniffing a large tree when suddenly a federation of hoofs stormed into the forest. The pug looked up and saw a large amount of white horses covered in metal armor. He heard loud growling and looked to his left. Their was a mass of bears with wooden weaponry. They came charging towards the horses. The pug was caught in the crossfire and trampled. As the battle ended, the animals left the dark forest. The pug lay unconscious on the forest floor all alone. The master, hearing the loud noises came rushing outside to see his pet on the ground injured. His eyes began to drip liquid sadness and he rushed his pet to the animal hospital. In the rush to get the pug treated for his injures, his paper’s were switched with an animal getting an autopsy. The pug lay on the operation table about to be cut open when a large white armored burst through the window. Startling the doctors, the horse grabbed the pug off of the operation table and waved his finger in the air. The horse felt great grief once he had found out his federation had injured a neutral animal during their battle. He felt it was his duty to use his powers to go back in time and save the pug’s life. He placed the pug away from the battle and his life was saved. Now, periodically the horse and his federation come and visit the pug.

Note: I didn’t really know what to do with the words I had so the story just got weirder and weirder as I wrote it. I started the story on Tuesday and during the week I ended up adding a lot of random stuff to it. I hope you enjoy!

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