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The Shadow

Two tropes that are beginning to emerge in the story “I will find the devil who betrayed me” and “just a wild goose chase” are two examples whose meanings are repeated throughout the story. The two tropes that is repeatedly used throughout the story is when Martan says over and over again “I will find the devil who betrayed me”. Irony is also used in this story because in the beginning of the story you think the Shadow character is the bad guy. However ask the story unfolds the Shadow turns out to be the good guy while Martan turns out to be the bad guy. I would define the writing styles as a narrative style because is written as a narrative. The main theme that stands out to me is the story is the theme of revenge. The story is ultimately about deception and revenge of a bitter man, Martan, for the failed escape attempt twenty years ago and the subsequent one hundred lashes. Martan used Corvet’s promise to deceive the other into thinking that Corvet was going to kill them all for trying to starve him to death while on the boat at sea.


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