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The Shadow Alternate Ending

SHADOW: Dubrille is dead, Dr. Evans.

EVANS: Is? Corvet’s kept his word. Where is he?

SHADOW: Look there, on the floor by the window.

EVANS: Corvet? That’s Corvet?

SHADOW: Dubrille tried to save his life by promising to help that man kill you.

EVANS: Dubrille? Dubrille offered to help Corvet kill me?

SHADOW: Yes. And I sense this isn’t the end of the danger either.

EVANS: He’s alive- barely. Still breathing.

CORVET: Get away from me Evans. I hate you. You would have let me starve to death on that boat, and so I would have let you die by the work of my own hands. Pity I didn’t get the chance. But you see what I did to Dubrille here. Soon you will meet a similar fate. I may be gone, but my work will be finished. Would you like to know how Evans? Or would you like to be surprised? Hahahaha (laughter turns into gasps, as finally death envelops Corvet)

EVANS: What does he mean?

SHADOW: What happened to Martan?

EVANS: I’m not sure. I lost track of him.

SHADOW: Yes, I’m afraid we’re not out of the woods yet Dr. Evans. We need to get you some place safe.


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