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The Shadow- Alternative Ending

Here is the Alternative Ending prompt that is three points. I was reading through The Shadow and I kept thinking that the Shadow character would reveal himself to be Corvet.So, here is the story if The Shadow was revealed to be Corvet.

Evans: You mean you won’t use your powers to save us from him?

The Shadow: No, I’ll use my powers to kill you all!!!

Evans: What?

The Shadow: You ratted me out and now I have found you to kill you!

The Shadow suddenly appears from the shadows. He was Corvet all along! Evans gasps.

Dubrille and Martin come to see what the commotion is and suddenly shots are heard and they drop to the floor covered in their own blood. As Corvet is distracted, Evans runs into a room and hides in the closet. Corvet walks towards the bodies to make sure that they are dead and notices that Evans is gone. He goes on a search

Corvet: Evans. I know your hiding from me. Don’t you wanna come out and say hi to an old friend.

Evans shivers with fear in the closet. The closet door opens, Evans looks up.

Corvet: Found you. (BANG!)

Evans lays dead in the closet. A few weeks later bodies are found and The Shadow lives to roam the streets as a free man.

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