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The Ultimate Merger

This assignment (4 and 1/2 points) was asked me to combine a famous logos to create a new logo. I chose Starbucks Coffee logo and just stared it for long time to figure out which another logo should I use for.

starbucks logo

And I just searched tons of logos but could not decide my mind because I had no idea to put together. The first logo I wanted to combine was Dunkin Donut or Krispy Kreme Donut because I thought that coffee and donut are extremely good combination. So I looked these together and tried to figure out how should I put it. But I had no idea to put these logo together and I searched for another logo. And finally I came up with Seven-Eleven Logo.



I set up the Starbucks logo as background and cut symbol of seven from the above image and letters eleven from the bottom picture. Before I put it together, I filled letters Starbucks with same color of green from the background.

The final product came out right this.

starbucks logo


I satisfy with the product I made. It was really interesting assignment and I enjoyed doing it.


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