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The Wild(ish) Party: An Alternate Ending

In this post, I will create an alternate ending for Joseph Moncure March’s story, The Wild Party. I am hoping to create a more optimistic ending, as I have grown fond of the characters Queenie and Black, and want an ending that is different than the noir norm.

I will attempt to recreate March’s original style of lyrical prose, although the rhyme scheme may be (more than) a bit off. This assignment is one of the required writing assignments for the week of 1/19 to 1/25, and although it was required regardless of point value, it is worth 3 1/2 points.

So, without further ado:

The gun roared-

But he missed.

Black caught him by the wrist.

He wrenched till the bones began to crack.

The gun dropped.

Black snatched it:

Stood up:

Lurched back.

“Sorry for this, Queenie!” Black said.

He hit Burrs on the head:

Hard, to make sure Burrs knocked out.

Queenie gave a shout:

“Black, we’d better run!”

And begun to pack her bags.

Black said, “I agree.

But first, look at me.”

Black stared Queenie in the eyes.

“Stick with me

and you’ll never have to be

stuck with a life you despise.”

Queenie gave Black a hug.

Burrs was sleeping on the rug:

They moved around him carefully.

“Let’s flee:

Wipe off the gun and put it back.”

Queenie did as she was told:

took a hold of Black’s hand:

Neither one ever looked back.


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