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theres no shadow without light

“The Shadow” was my favorite reading that I did this week. I chose it randomly off the list, and I am happy about my decision.

This story had a lot more mystery in it, even though it was pretty short. It was actually a pretty quick read because it kept the reader interested in the story the entire time. The ending was a surprise for me. I thought that Corvet had actually been in the room, and I was surprised to find out what is actually Martan. The shadow is also a pretty cool figure in the story as he can be seen as almost godlike in his portrayed omniscience as well as his being everywhere in the room at once.

the noir

Noir in the story can be seen especially in the shadow. It is definitely in his name, it is in his characters attributes. Another instance of the noir in here is the setting, in a creepy house late at night, by themselves with mysterious gifts and them just waiting for a man to come and kill them. Even the name of the prison that they used to all be in has a dark tone to it; the entire story seems to be a sort of faded, dark experience.

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