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Think about Audio Storytelling

Using audio sounds in storytelling is extremely important. For example during the Touch of Evil noir particular attention was paid to the background noise throughout the entire scene. The viewer understood that a bomb had been place in the back of the vehicle due to the fact that you heard constant ticking throughout the opening scene. The background noise and music sustained the scenes when there was no dialogue during the scene. A director can use audio to heighten a storyline and increase the suspense for the viewers. Audio is significant in a noir because it helps make the story more dramatic because often the lightning is dark and dim placing increasing importance on the audio. In the opening scene of Touch of Evil the music sets the mood as sinister as the bomb maker works on setting the bomb in the trunk. The music quickly transitioned to provide the viewer with the idea that the couple getting in the car after they had enjoyed their evening festivities. The audio and music completely drive the scene that shows the car driving down the road past the man and woman walking.

Sound drives stories in many ways. For example in The Ambience of Film Noir Soundscapes, Designs, and Mood by Helen Hanson, she discussed how vital audio was in the 1930s when studios made the huge conversion from studio system to sound. By transitioning to studio sound, movie studios were now able to do sound editing, sound recording, and sound playback during postproduction. Sound often drives the story by suggesting the setting or mood. Directors often use ambulance and police sirens when something tragic has happened and typewriters clicking to set the mood of a very busy office setting.

While listening to DS106 radio Thursday evening I started to truly notice how important sound is when it comes to radio. Without sound you would never be able to hear and understand the stories that were being told. For example when the man talks about the earthquake he had gone through. Without the excruciating details through sound, you would not be able to visualize the terrible ordeal the man had gone through. For example when he described they way the iron bars and power line were wobbling you were able to visualize how crazy the earthquake really was.


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