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This Week in Noir

This week we had to produce our Daily Create assignments. We were challenged to re-think our titles of our blogs. Many pieces of Noir literature was given to us to dive into. The Assignment Bank was opened to us as well, giving us a chance to be creative in writing noir as well. We were asked to become a little more engaged with the material then last week by having many different angles to work with. I started the week off delving deep into the life of Frank in the Postman Always Rings Twice and ending it with the writing assignments and attempting to collect the gold stars everyone wants so badly. I spent a fair amount of time creating a/an alter ego/noir character/creative expression, Harvey Hait. We were able to create fun media through the Daily Create section where I spent most of my time thinking and not doing which is not a smart way to proceed in the future I might add. Speaking of the future check out my future writing assignment posted on the homepage of my blog. It may be dark for some but for others maybe not dark enough. I learned how to install plugins and how to use those plugins to edit my blogs functionality. I attached my corresponding twitter page to the sidebar of my blog.


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