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Thoughts about Visuals of Storytelling

These days, I take lots of photos (not selfie). The reason is that my siblings came from Korea about a month ago, so I try to go everywhere to show them. So, I want to leave many pictures I can then I can always look at it and remember what happened those days. I usually take picture of scenery or famous objects (like Washington Monument) and my siblings. They do not want to take picture so I take it secretly. I do not have particular approach to taking picture but I try to avoid shaken pictures. If picture is shaken then it would be not noticiable. I never work to capture a particular feeling or meaning in my photo. I just take photo to leave that moment and bring back that memory.

After I read the resourses those were on the noir 106 website that I love the quote by Ansel Adams “There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs.” So I would just take photos how I feel like when I take picture. Sometimes shaked pictures can give impression to viewers¬†therefore I will going to make strong impressions to my picture so¬†whoever see my picture can get the same feeling as me. Also the video that I watched “Storytelling & Visual Literacy” gave me a lot of informations of photograph by comparing with language. Photography is a language and has grammar. It is grmmar of light and darkness and changing 3 dimension into 2 dimension. Since I’m changing world into something flat, I have to know how it would appear as it is flatten out. I have to recognize different layers inthe photographs in order to achieve something that is clean, simple, and direct, so the viewers can know immediately what I am trying to say through photos.


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