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Thoughts on Noir106, week one

Just about everyone got off to a good start in Noir106. Quite a few people said they found the first week challenging, but they got through it. That’s good, because the intensity doesn’t let up. A big round of noirplause for everyone!

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Everything you need to know for Week 2 is on the course website under Week Two: Writing & Noir.

Some general comments:
Your weekly summaries should link to or embed all the work for the week. That doesn’t mean you have to repeat everything – your individual posts throughout the week should be more detailed and in-depth and the summary could be more of an overview – but I should be able to see from the summary that you did everything that needed to be done. It makes it easier to grade. Maybe it will make me grade easier.

One of the things you have to read this week is How To Write Up Assignments Like a Blogging Champ. Take its advice to heart. What you have to say about the things you create in this class counts as much or more than the creations themselves. A masterpiece, if it’s only accompanied by a cursory overview of the thoughts and process behind it, is not worth much. On the other hand, if you something you make comes out a complete failure, but you give a clear account of what you were trying to do, what you went through and what you were thinking, and what you learned from it all, then that could be worth a lot – both for you and your classmates.

Just to reiterate what we said in the weekly video: Think about what you title your posts and name your blog. The titles should be descriptive and the name of your blog should be unique to you.

I hope I don’t come across as Dr. Negative, here or in the comments I left in Canvas. I’m just trying to get everybody off on the right foot.

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