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Thoughts on Scenic Artists and Scenic Charges

In my first meeting with Niffer to discuss my senior project she asked me what I wanted to take away from this project and what I want to do after graduation in May. Both of these questions have been heavily weighing on me for the last few weeks. I knew when I picked this project at the end of last year that it was going to be a very exciting and rewarding experience. I’ve done scene painting on shows in the past and in a scene painting class I took, but I have never painted the amount of the show that I will be doing for this project. In our meeting we discussed whether I wanted my project to be more on the scenic artist side or the scenic charge side. The final outcome is a mixture of both, which is something I am also very excited about. It is really interesting being able to reach out to companies and find paints and patterns to use instead of simply being shown and told what will be used. Already I have began researching and reaching out to paint retailers about the gold paint we will use for the show. This is something I haven’t done before so it was cool being able to get this experience.

As for what I want to do after graduation, I am still not entirely sure. I know in the long run I would like to open my own children’s after school theatre. In the past I have taught arts to special needs children. This was an experience that I found highly rewarding and I really miss it. I love working with kids and helping them tap into their creativity. I am looking into how to make this dream a reality, but for now I am still looking for what I will immediately do after graduation.

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