straight down the line

Three Words, Three Lines, An apology

oh, so resolute
what a jovial p
I will not be late.

This was an interesting assignment – Three Word Wednesday – mostly because it is Sunday. Anyways, I decided to keep up with this poetry thing because….why not? I don’t know, I figured that I can’t get any worse. So this poem is dedicated to my wonderful friend other DS106er Jonathan. We commute to DC together almost every day at 6:00 am and the other day I was late. And not just like two minutes late, more like, I woke up when he called me after waiting outside ten minutes late. This is a gif that basically describes our friendship anyways:

So I wrote him a poem…about how I will never be late again. We will see how that works out.

Doing the poem was the easy part, plus the words site allowed me to expand my vocabulary in an easy and fun way. I’m not sure how to do an in depth description of how I wrote the poem, but it was literally just me typing until the phrases made sense. Oh, one side note, the first edition of this poem was 7-5-7, not 5-7-5, so I had to switch some things around. Overall,  I think this project was really effective, plus it let me say sorry to Jonathan for being late :)

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