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Twitter Poetry Challenge

This assignment required me to create a poem from the trending topics on Twitter.

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This poem is about my character, Folami Turay, and it helps to describe her powerful attitude and general aesthetic.


The #RoyalRumble sounds as she walks down the street. It’s not Valentine’s Day

but she adorns her finger #WithThisRing the size of Richmond. She’s her own

#MissUniverse and her bag isn’t just Coach, it’s #Coach1K.

Not that she can’t get a man; she can hold them down like Roman Reigns

But why bother? Men as fit as Justin Anderson falter under her gaze

And men like Josh Gordon get addicted to the idea of her, as if she were

A one-dimensional character from a show like #RHOA.

She’s her own hero and she’ll keep it that way.

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