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Twitter Trends Turned Lyrical Poetry

So this should be a fun one and it’s 3 stars :)

twitter trends

It’s The End of the Tour,

are you in some kind of trance?

Get out of your house, go!!

There’s no time for this #Sundance.

Even David Foster Wallace

would tell you to leave your sh*t

but no, of course not

instead you decide you’re going to #BringIt

Bring it like how?

What are you talking about?


You’re my worst, no doubt.

That’s a #Grimm thing to say,

how could you dare!?

Don’t be so full of yourself

you’re not #NavyBigAir.

An Ernie Banks, maybe,

but who really knows?

I don’t know what SkyMall is

but that’s how it goes.

It’s been a pleasure, Mr. Cub

but now I must go

and do these things and those

I’ll catch you on the down low.

That was a fun one. I enjoy writing poems!

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