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Two for the Show

Today I concluded my work for week two of ds106. It was another crazy week! Here’s what happened:

1. I read some noir. There were four readings that I did, and I responded to all of them in the post I’m linking to below. Be sure to read the comments as well!

2. I wrote a character dossier. The character I created is named Billy Steel, and he is nicknamed “Saw”. He is a classic noir antihero. You can read about him in this post here.

3. I did some writing assignments.

The first writing assignment I did was make a lyrical poem about my character Billy “Saw” Steel using Twitter Trends. You can find that here.

The next thing I did was write an alternate ending to one of the noir readings I did, called “The Shadow”. Here it is.

Finally, I “Onion’d” a Washington post article about a big snow storm coming to the Northeast this week. This was the most fun thing I did all week. Here’s my article.

4. I did three daily creates. I took an eye selfie, made a collage of my day, and did a word drawing. Check them out at the bottom!

5. I customized my blog! I picked out a new theme, and installed several plug-ins. I also updated my about page. You can check that out here.

That does it for week two of ds106. Until next time!


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sometimes all you need is a blue pen and a yellow highlighter

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