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Veronica’s Hometown- Clarkson, Missouri

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Veronica’s hometown of Clarkson, Missouri is a small one with a population of only a few hundred. Most of the town is rural, encompassing multiple large farms and wide open farming land. Clarkson is near one of the main highways that run through Missouri. This allows the town to have enough traffic and people for a small downtown area on the edge of town. It is in a downtown apartment where Veronica lives and works at the lounge. Her family still lives in Clarkson as well, however they stay mostly on their farm only coming into town a few times a year.

I choose the pictures above to capture a few elements of Clarkson. The first being that the photos I found had to be black and white. Veronica lives in the 1940’s and any pictures from her day would of course be in black and white. Next, I wanted to get several pictures of rural areas: wooden bridges, long dirt roads, and small farm houses. Lastly, I had a create a downtown in which you would find the lounge that Veronica works in. This town had to have some “night-life” aspect in which Veronica’s story would work. But the town still had to remain small for Veronica to want the leave and see bigger, better places like New York City. It wasn’t that hard to find pictures in black and white, however what was hard was the low number of rural black and white photos to choose from. It was much easier to find town or downtown photos.

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