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Visual Assignment: “Post-It Notes and Grocery Lists!”(4pts) -Sebastian Crane’s To Do’s

To see this visual better, here is its’ Flickr link:

Sebastian's To Do list

This is Sebastian Crane’s to-do list. Most consist of work-related material since he is the Editor in Chief of The San Francisco Chronicle. The one orange card is a job offering from a man named George Jamison of the San Francisco Examiner, wanting Sebastian to come in for the job. This is a part of a storyline I can explore, but I personally feel he wouldn’t leave the Chronicle simply because he has been there for about five years now and has been the Editor in Chief for two successful years. One card detail a visit he plans to make at the rehabilitation center where his father currently is receiving help for his alcohol addiction. Their relationship has better developed since his father decided to bring himself into the center. Sebastian is a big reader, so he has a whole list of novels he plans to read or what friends and colleagues have recommended for him. The blue note cards are from his current secretary, who will be retiring in the next few months, which is why one of the yellow cards has Sasha Kellogg for an interview soon. One card is specifically for Donnie: going to his physical therapy appointment and groceries he needs to pick up for him. He has always put Donnie first and he is one of his top priorities. There are three cards dealing with Sebastian’s dating life, which to him consists of one date and one night together; nothing more happens after that. He isn’t completely interested in these women, but he is willing to have a good time on a date since he is sociable and knows he has an irresistible charm. At this point in his life, he has not met anyone he is serious about and only looks for a fun night in the meantime. Most of the cards detail work-related business, such as meeting dates, calls from writers, etc. For the most part, Sebastian is a very busy man and he places his family and work before anything else.

These are some of the tracks that play in The San Francisco Chronicle as Sebastian and his team write up the paper :D:


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