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Visual Assignment: “What’s in the bag?” Sebastian Crane’s treasures.

1. The flask- Sebastian always carries his brandy-filled flask in his coat pocket each flaskday. He drank leisurely before at social gatherings in college and after work, yet he became more accustomed to drinking when he found out the love of his life, Margaret, cheated on him. Since then, he had begun to go into more bars and bought a flask to carry on his person. He even felt that the brandy in the flask was  soothing the constant pain in his fractured shoulder along with his pain medication.


2. Pain medication- When Sebastian was 14 years old, his father was in a drunken rage and went after him and Donovan. In the altercation, Sebastian’s father managed to severely damage Sebastian’s shoulder with a baseball bat. Even though Sebastian underwent surgery, he still experiences a shooting pain in his shoulder and he has to takes pain relieving medication to make it more tolerable.


3 & 4. Leather wallet and the photograph- It is essential that anyone carry a wallet on their person and Sebastian never leaves home without it. Within it, he has cash, business cards, names of clients to call, and most importantly, a photograph of him and Donovan. This was taken when Sebastian was 5 and Donovan was 3 by their mother, who later the following year found love with another man and was forbidden to take them with her when she left. This left their father devastated and he slowly began to go out to bars, leaving Sebastian to feed and take care of Donovan. He keeps this photograph in his wallet because it was the last time that they truly had their innocence and happiness as children; it captured a moment of joy he always wanted to remember. When Donovan was in the war, he found himself looking at this photograph at least twice a day, in the morning and at night, in that way, he could make sure his thoughts and prayers reached Donovan when he woke up and went to sleep

.wallet  seb and don




penPen- As the editor in chief of The San Francisco Chronicle, Sebastian always has a pen on him. He is very meticulous and pays close attention to detail and this pen reflects how he always takes accurate, in-depth notes or edit marks on articles turned into his office.





The pocket watch- Sebastian was given this pocket watch by his father the day he and Donovan were leaving home. He had found a house in the city and he was packing up the car when their father came outside to say goodbye. He hugged Donovan and he headed to wait in the passenger seat as their father bid farewell to Sebastian. At first they shook hands, but his father pulled him in for an embrace, apologizing for not being a better man, a better father. Sebastian did not feel anything in the embrace, but when his father placed the pocket watch in his hand, he held it close and told his father that he needed to get better or they would never come back. Sebastian and Donovan drove off, seeing their father grow smaller and alone in the rearview mirror. Sebastian carries this watch with him now not only to check the time, but subconsciously remind him that he is free from that life he once lived.

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