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Week 1 Summary

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I would have to say that this bootcamp week wasn’t too rough. I already had twitter, wordpress, and soundcloud accounts. Flickr and gravatar were easy to join and operate, though YouTube was a headache. I had to go through and validate 3 different emails before I could do anything. The biggest headache I had was recording, editing, and uploading my introduction video. The first recording was on photobooth and I didn’t know how to export and transfer the file to iMovie. Yes, I’m aware that this is possible, but I didn’t know how to do it at the time. So, I rerecorded my introduction on iMovie and cut it together. This was rough- I could never get the jump cuts tight enough, so there were about 15 seconds of awkward silence and stammering in the video. My lovely film-editor boyfriend came over and showed me how to enlarge the clips and show the audio, and within 20 minutes I had a painfully cringy video replaced with a shorter, more polished one.

As fas as noir goes, I’m actually a fan of the “modern noir” genre. I’m a regular subscriber of Welcome to Night Vale, and years ago I followed the webcomic Problem Sleuth- a subversion of the text game and noir genres. I submitted Gone Girl as my more serious noir example, and PS as a bonus. I’ve also gone through the Amazon Prime list of noir films, and I’m excited to peruse those titles. Personally, I love the visual decadence of scenic and character designs in noir.

So much lipstick.

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