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week 2 in a nutshell

This week started out with MLK DAY! (or as I like to call it, milk day). I looked over what we needed to read and thought “Man. Maybe this is a typo and they meant week 2 AND 3″. Once I started though, I fell into the trap. It was actually becoming ENJOYABLE.

Like the daily creates. I enjoy those and am finding myself looking forward to them. The reading was LONG, but once I would start a story, I wouldn’t put it down. My favorite story was the Wild Party, just because the author managed to do the WHOLE thing in poem form. From that came one of my weekly assignments I called My Wild Party. I enjoyed that assignment so I decided to try it again, creating¬†“Don’t drop the soap… and other shower horrors.” based off of Psycho, the Alfred Hitchcock movie. The one I picked to dedicate to my character, Delilah Valentine, was a visual assignment where I had to make a collage telling a story. And the last of my visual assignments I did for kicks and giggles was called RUN FORREST RUN!!¬†The readings, as I stated before, were long. But I came out of it feeling cultured, and I’m beginning to recognize different Noir undertones in movies today. You can get my full and detailed opinion here.

As for participation, I will admit, posting on someone else’s blog for the first time felt intimidating (and honestly, slightly intrusive), but I finally did, and it wasn’t that bad. In fact, now that I’ve been posting to the different social media sites, I find that more people are posting on my stuff, leaving encouragement and constructive criticize.

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