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Week 2: Noir in Literature

The Postman Always Rings Twice:

The postman may ring twice but  the grim reaper rings only once.  In this short novel, a road man by the name of Frank stumbles across a road side diner and befriends the owner Nick and later his wife Cora.  Even though Frank and Cora didn’t feel an instant attraction, that did not stop them from developing an intense affair.  Although they frequently fantasized about running away together, they instead came to the conclusion it would be better for them to instead murder Nick and make it look like an accident.  Fortunatly for Nick, their attempt was unsuccessful at killing him but did put him in the hospital for a week.  During this time Frank and Cora became closer momentarily, but Cora felt it would be better for her to stay with Nick when he became released.

However they were not apart for long.  Nick soon randomly encountered Frank while picking up groceries and unknowingly put himself in danger once again.  Even though Frank and Cora agreed to never try anything like that again within days they had planned what appeared at first to be the perfect murder. While on a trip to California, Frank and Cora decide to fake a car accident and this time it kills Nick.  The result is a complex murder that doesn’t go to trial but still puts their relationship to the test and changes everything for them.

I actually enjoyed this story a lot more than I thought I would.  It started out rather slow but then picked up speed and became increasingly more interesting.  One of the elements I enjoyed the most was that it was written in the first person and done in a style that made me feel as if it was a letter that was written specifically to me.


The Wild Party:

“The Wild Party” is based on a party the couple Queenie and Burrs decide to have to relax.  They have an abusive relationship neither one of them seem to really enjoy.  They invite all of their friends in an attempt to distract themselves from the increasing problems they seem to have.  While at the party a mutual friend of theirs brings a young man she is currently seeing named Black.  Black and Queenie are instantly attracted to each other despite being with other partners.  When they were together the party continued and only became more out of control as the night went on.  The end result was several fights, a massive orgy, attempted rape and two murders.  The conclusion is a cliff hanger leaving you to decide the outcome.

I read this like a poem and was so blown away by the creativity that it took I had to read it twice and share it with friends and family.  I love the style it’s written and just feel in love.  It’s quotable, a little difficult to read at times but extremely enjoyable none the less.




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