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Week 2 Summary! Writing and Noir

This week I found the assignments to be rather interesting! I enjoyed doing the Daily Creates because they were creative and fun to do. Once i got started on reading the stories for noir they were actually quite interesting and I became drawn in and didn’t want them to end, it was cool seeing all the different styles of noir in writing and how each author portrays it in their stories. I read The Postman Aways Rings Twice, The Shadow , The Killers and Debris and I did my alternative ending to The Killers. I really enjoyed making my Character Dossier and put a lot of thought into her and her style. Her name is Margaret Pinault aka Black Widow. Doing the writing assignments was not that bad it was just trying to figure out how to make some about my character kind of tricky but once I figured that out it all became easier to do. I did the Best Assignment, Post from the Past, and Thankful for writing topics. The daily creates I did this week were the Cat with a synthesizer in Space, Yodeling and Eye Selfie, all three of them were quick, easy and fun to participate in. Lastly, I enjoyed working and messing around with my blog, I changed the theme, updated my about me section and added a quote. I have also commented on some fellow classmates post and it was cool and interesting to see everyone’s ideas and takes on the different things we did this week! I also got a good amount of comments on my stuff telling me that people like them or think its a good idea or writing so that was nice to receive as well!

I can not wait to see what is in store in the future in the upcoming week!

My items from this week are below:

Daily Creates:


Alternative Ending:

Character Dossier:


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