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/how can you see into my eyes like open doors/

This week was really, really, really rough.

I don’t like reading very much, and I especially hate reading when I dislike the characters. I also hate Hemingway. Honestly, the majority of my week was spent just trying to get through the literary tumors of this week’s readings (except for The Shadow. That was great). Writing, especially creative writing, is a challenge for me. I can do it, but it’s not fun.

Anyway, let’s run through the week, shall we?

I read and responded to three readings, and hopefully my opinions of them are quite clear by now. It was rather easy to write the analysis post, though, since I could just list reasons why I disliked them. If you’re interested, I wrote an alternate ending to Postman that I think is even darker than the original. In the future, I hope against hope that we won’t have to climb another literary monolith as unpleasant as this week. If I could describe my feelings as a smell, they would be that one foul spot near Jepson and the ITTC.

I also wrote a character dossier introducing Delia LaSalle. This brought me back to my roleplaying days in middle school. With Delia, I didn’t want another boring character. There are hundreds of femme fatales and hard-boiled detectives out there, so I wanted Delia to be a comedic character. She’s still noir in that she’s a bit pathetic, but she’s definitely darkly comedic. I look forward to using her and injecting a little life into this game. I wrote out the recipe for Bananas Foster, her favorite food, in haiku form.

Sidenote: I’m thankful for a lot of things, including the fact that this week is over.

As far as my blog goes, I already had it fairly customized. I did change the header image to be more noir-y, but I already had an about page and all of the recommended plugins installed. I’ve also been moderating my comments every day.

I also commented on two character intros, but my comments may not have been approved yet. I retweeted Leanna’s SUPER RELATABLE GIF

and complained about Hemingway

and that’s been my week. I’m a little worried about what next week will be.

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