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Week 3 in The Books

This week was all about visual elements to capture meaning and tell stories. I gained a great amount of knowledge of how to improve my skills with taking photography as well as a little bit more about visual elements in noir. Coming into this week I knew a little bit about taking photo from past experience and classes in high school. Because of this I didn’t have many challenges with completing the assignment that were given to us. A struggle that came across for me was watching some of the films. I got bored at times just for the fact I am not used to watching movies from that time period, but they did help me understand more about noir. One of my favorite assignments for this week were the visual assignments. Last week these were the most boring to me mainly because I had to write more. Something that I felt was really helpful was the organization of our blogs. With more and more post building up, it will be easier for me to find past blogs that I wrote to incorporate into future blog posts. With learning more about photography and capturing moments in time, I am excited for future assignments in this class that deal with photography as well as videos along with incorporating more of noir into my work.

Below is a list of the assignments that I have complete for this week

Visuals of Storytelling

Reflect on Noir and Visual Storytelling

Photo Safari

Daily Create:

Instruction for an everyday item

Make 2048

Drawing without lifting the pencil

VisualĀ Assignments

Back to Basics: 2 points

Telling a Story in a Collage: 3 points

Post-It Notes and Grocery Lists: 2 points

What’s in your bag: 3 point


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