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Week 5 Creates

This week we were to produce at least 3 daily creates, they are as followed:

Monday-Draw a David…That David.

-Happy Birthday David… I create this piece on In David’s photo he is had long hair, was playing the guitar, and wearing glasses therefore I had to include these elements to my portrait of him.

Happy Birthday David!

Tuesday: Make creative hands

-When preparing for this, I thought of how creative and beautiful decorated henna hands are so I tried to replicate it though I realized half way through that I had to practice on the piano for class and why not take a picture of the moment.

Piano Practice

Wednesday: What’s your super power?

-I always wanted to know what people were thinking and how their thought process worked. So definitely Telepathy was the power for me, I always wonder where people’s minds wonder off to. This is my representation of Telepathy.

Power of Telepathy


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