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Week Four: Listening More

This week was all about audio and how it contributes to storytelling. To learn about this, I completed several tasks. The software I use for audio editing is Garageband, so I didn’t need to download Audacity, although I did complete some of my first projects using it!

1. Audio Storytelling Reflection

In this post, I studied various forms of media and examined how sound adds meaning and depth to stories.

2. Daily Creates

I did two daily creates this week.

3. Bumper

I created a custom radio bumper for the DS106 Radio station.

4. Audio Assignments

I did 11 stars worth of audio assignments, including a sound effects story about my character, a conversation with Liam Neeson, and a new version of an American classic.

5. Radio Show Brainstorm

I compiled some thoughts about things I’d like to incorporate into my DS106 Radio show.


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