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Week in Review: Not My Best Work.

Well, this week proved to be a bit stressful. Not just because it was Audio Week, but because it was Audio Week and I didn’t start on my to-do list until Friday. What resulted was not my best work, and I actually missed out on doing a very important part of my work that could only be done Monday through Thursday.

Needless to say, I am not proud of my life choices this week. However, in what assignments I was able to properly do (for the most part; my Sound Effects story was atrocious, but hey; at least I tried), I still somehow managed to have fun amidst the unnecessary stress that was nobody’s fault but my own.

My favorite assignments for the week were the Dramatic Reading and Greatest Hits audio assignments. I also really love my Radio Bumper even though I was really belated on completing it. I spent additional time procrastinating by creating unnecessary album artwork for my Soundcloud pieces, which was super fun … designing things is one of my fave things to do :). I was initially intimidated by Audio Week but managed to create some pretty striking stuff … Is it okay to be in awe of your own work, or is that conceited???

My goal for this coming week of Digital Storytelling is to WATCH THE WEEKLY VIDEO ON MONDAY. I can at least get my creative juices flowing and jot down some ideas. An additional part of that goal will to be to finish the majority of my work by the weekend, if not on Thursday, so I can have a stress-free weekend and plenty of time to go on that Valentine’s date with my favorite fictional characters while catching up on my fave TV shows.

My motto for the week … leaving my not-so-hot week behind and starting fresh:

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