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Week One – Keep on, Keepin’ on!

Wow!! — Considering I joined this class super late into the first week of the semester, I could tell I was in for a treat when Professor Bond sent me the email saying I better get started because everything is due by 12 on Sunday.

At first, I was extremely overwhelmed by the amount of work I had ahead of me, especially while taking a full credit load of biology credits. However, this has taught me so much about the internet that I did not already know or wasn’t really keen to experiment with. I’ve always thought of blogging as a great way for one to express themselves.. which it is! You can say anything you want freely and let your thoughts flow through your finger tips on to your keyboard.

Aside from that, the topic of the class really seemed interesting to me — Noir. At glance I didn’t really think twice about it until I was actually asked to give an example of Noir and to explain how and why my example fit the definition of noir. Naturally, after watching the media of course, I did what any college student does and I took it to the almighty…


Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 2.06.56 PMUsing all of the information gathered from readings and the inferences I made from watching/reading/listening to the media, I collaborated my thoughts and came up with my own media for an example of noir… I used the show Dexter.



I mean heck, the show IS about a detective who is also a serial killer, how much darker can you get?!

The picture above shows evil, pessimism, and darkness in itself. It seems to portray the show pretty accurately as well.

I can’t wait to delve deeper into the concepts of noir! :)

Also – here is the link to my “About me” blog page with a bit more about myself! This is going to be an exciting semester full of #ART!

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Keep on, Keeping on! #ds106 #4lyfe





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