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Week One Summary

I’m just now realizing that I combined info for my introduction post and what is ultimately my summary of my first week. My mistake, I’ll keep it clearer in the future!

I was a late addition to the course, so I wasn’t able to jump on board right away, but I’ve had plenty of time to set up all of my social networking sites and get everything moving. I’m familiar with all of the sites we’re required to sign up for, but I’ve really only actively used a Twitter and Facebook account in the past. It’s been both interesting and somewhat frustrating setting up accounts for so many sites at once. Soundcloud in particular I have very little experience with, and I’ve already had some fun finding music on there that I didn’t know existed. For as much as I love to listen and play music, I’m often a bit stubborn when it comes to new material. It’s nice to find some new stuff.

As for the noir side of things, I talked a little bit in my intro post about my previous exposure to the genre in my intro to film studies class from a few years back. I’m also a huge film buff, so while it isn’t necessarily my style of choice, I’ve seen my fair share of noir films purely for enjoyment. In particular I briefly mentioned a somewhat modernist take on the style in Alan Parker’s 1987 film Angel Heart. I rewatched it just a few weeks ago, oddly enough. Though not filmed in the recognizable black and white staple of 40s/50s noir films, Parker is undeniably influenced by the genre, featuring heavy shadow play and a hard-boiled detective drama. I think it’s something of an underrated classic. It’s a visually stunning film for 1987, yet received little recognition when it was released, despite featuring Mickey Rourke and Robert DeNiro.

It’s interesting reading the list of noir works on the course hub. I’ve never even thought to analyze some newer films such as Dark Knight as noir, but once I did everything clicked. It’s a genre that has seen a massive bullet spread as over the last forty to fifty years. There are few films that truly harken back to its beginnings, but bits and pieces are visible all over the place.

Anyway, I’m not exactly sure where I’m going with this. I hope I’ve completed everything appropriately for the week, I’ll be right on top of everything now that I’m in the class for good. I’m excited though, all of this work seems right up my alley.

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