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Week One Summary: Testing a twentysomething’s ability to use the internet, a political junkie’s noir, and commuting woes.

This was the hardest syllabus week….ever. Besides the fact that I spend four days a week in DC and didn’t really have a “syllabus week” for my internship before they threw me into Hill meetings, DS106/noir106 was basically the equivalent.

I’ve always thought of myself as being social media/internet savvy…managing editor of the newspaper, journalism major, twentysomething millennial, the keywords that usually make up someone who makes up a person that knows the internet. Registering for so many new social media accounts and websites was exhausting. It took around 5 hours (probably an exaggeration if you take out the coffee break and talking with friends, but it really felt like a long time). After getting all set up, decorating my blog a little and introducing myself on social media, I made a multimodal post that showed my quirky and sassy personality.

So as I made my way back and forth between DC and FredVegas, I did some reading about noir, and honestly, I think I will love this semester. I did not know much about the concept of “noir” going into this class, but I think that the idea of it is something that a lot of people could point out if they were given a description.

After listening to podcasts, re-watching the Dark Night, and watching cartoons (awesome, by the way), I felt almost ready to recommend my verision of noir. The last piece I watched, The Courageous Cat and The Case of the Cat Cave Treasure really made me think about the possiblities of what could be defined as “noir.”

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 11.45.53 PM


So my idea for an example of Film Noir might be a little out there, and require some context, but bear with me. Below is the preview of the Second season of House of Cards. The trailer is almost made to be film noir, it seems: the femme fatale figure of the show (Claire Underwood), dark lighting, corrupt characters and a very very very hopeless tone if you know how the first season ended (I’m not going to give any spoilers away). The actress doesn’t move, yet there is a clear understand that she is pondering some decision and thinking about the past.

And with that, I conclude my first week of DS106 and get ready for 15 more (:

P.S. A picture from my commute this week that I originally uploaded to flickr to be a fully public flickr user. (as promised in my introduction)


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