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Week Three Summary

This week has been EXTREMELY busy! I am so glad that I was able to get all of my work done. It was a struggle, but #ds106 is #4life, right?

After watching the weekly video, I decided to start organizing my blog website. I created categories for each of the assignments. I also created some sub-categories under assignments. Then, I went back and added all of my posts to the proper categories. Once I completed that, I added all of my categories to my menu. I did this by going to appearance -> Menus -> add categories. Once that was done I updated the menu to my site. I feel much better now! Everything has a place and it will be a lot easier to find posts that way!


I absolutely LOVE photography. I am the annoying friend who always wants to stop for a picture. My friends are just used to it by now. In high school, I took four years of photography and absolutely loved it. Plus I had an incredible teacher, so that definitely made the experience even more enjoyable. I also love traveling, so whenever I travel my eye is behind the lens of my Nikon D3100 also known as my baby. I treat my camera like it’s royalty. My camera goes on every trip with me. I mainly use my iPhone when I am out and about on a daily basis. I am guilty of taking “too many” photos. Haha! I am also one of those who has a hard time deleting things. I take pictures of everything. I don’t have one specific thing or a specific category. I am by no means a professional photographer. I don’t aspire to be, I take pictures simply because I love taking pictures. I included a few of my pictures in my post:


Israel 2011

Israel 2012

I learned a lot by reviewing the resources that were given to us this week! There is always room for learning and I love to explore and discover other people’s work. I elaborate on all of the resources in my post.


I watched Killer’s Kiss (1955) and Chinatown (1974) for the cinematography assignment this week. I definitely enjoyed Chinatown more than I enjoyed Killer’s Kiss. I loved being able to see the elements of noir in both films. I really liked how I was able to see how these elements are tied together since they were films. I included three still captures from the movies in my post which I reviewed as well.


Completing the noir photo safari was not the easiest thing for me this week. I definitely could have done a lot better, but I enjoyed getting to feel noir more. I am really starting to like noir. It is definitely much easier to identify. I captured multiple things, see my post to check them out.


Visual Assignments:

I absolutely loved picking out the visual assignments this week! I am a visual learner so being able to produce something visual is good for my mind.

I completed the “What’s in your bag” assignment for my character, Shirley Mayfield.IMG_5332

I also completed the “Colorize It” assignment for Shirley Mayfield.


I completed the “9 Lives” assignment which was super fun and I loved seeing a “timeline” of my life.9LivesLastly, I completed the “Emojis IRL” assignment because I love emojis! I was able to create a story with three emojis! “Remember to wear sunscreen!”

emojis irl joined final

The Daily Creates:

The daily create assignment for 1-26-2015 was to create a droodle at a meeting or elsewhere.


The daily create assignment for 1-28-15 was to make your own 2048 game.  I decided to make 2048: Lilly Pulitzer edition because I wanted to see bright colors. All of the Lilly Pulitzer prints bring a smile to my face and brighten my day! Want to play?

2048: Lilly Pulitzer Edition

For some reason my daily create didn’t show up on the daily create page, but I tagged everything correctly.

The daily create assignment for 2-1-2015 was to make your own drawing without lifting your pencil off of your paper. I decided to draw the ocean because I absolutely love summer and I am SO sick of this weather, so I thought that may brighten my day a bit. I do have to say, it was a lot harder than I thought though.

Drawing without lifting the pencil


This week’s posts by yours truly:


That’s all for now!



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