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Week Two: Heartache, Late Nights, and Rainstorms

Hello, all!

Thanks for sticking with me for week two of this blog. A lot’s changed in the past week… mainly, I’ve read a lot of noir literature. And I’ve finally got a chance to go all out and attempt to be a writer. I considered typing this on a type writer while overlooking a lake, but then I realized that this is a blog. On the internet. And that Virginia doesn’t have any natural lakes.

I ix-nayed those ideas real quick.

But! Never fear. I found the drama of writing my assignments in the collective comfort of my dazzling sweatpants, and at the exotic location of my couch. I really hope you all enjoyed reading my assignments as much as I enjoyed writing them. I gotta say, I think my favorite piece thus far is my character dossier. I really tried to come up with a cool cat character, and I think I did it. I have more backstory already planned. Victoire Absinthe has more thought put into her than I put into what I want to be when I grow up. (Is that to much information? Oh well.) Hopefully I’ll get a chance to show you more about Victoire in the coming weeks.

I had a pretty good time going through the readings for this week. I liked that there were options, and that those options weren’t all books, or short stories. There were a couple movies and television episodes thrown in there. I like that this class takes a look at a variety of sources of noir rather than just film. I haven’t heard of The Shadow before. Is that on Netflix? (I kid. But I would really like to watch an episode or two.)

Anyway, I’m looking forward to what’s next!



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