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Weekly Summary (1)

This week I got very acquainted with many different social media accounts, as well as working with my new domain and blog. I definitely still have a lot to learn, but I think I have a pretty good grasp on the basics.

Here is a link to my social media introductory post.

I made a twitter account for this class. I’ve had a twitter for a while, and I also run my club’s twitter. This new one isn’t much different from my personal twitter, but maybe I’ll end up being more clever or something here.

I also uploaded a new video to youtube which was all about my 2014. I had a song that went along with it, but youtube wouldn’t let me post it because of copyright infringement….. lame. I think youtube is a great outlet and it is really easy to use.

One website I found intriguing is Flickr. It reminds me of Instagram but less square and more interactive. It is also very user-friendly. Here are a few pictures I uploaded.

Me and Grampa



(note: I have a weird obsession with taking pictures of the sky, so you’ll probably be seeing a lot of them throughout the semester).

Soundcloud is also a new website I signed up for to use this semester. I explored it a little, and once I figured out how to use it, it seemed pretty usable.  I do like music, and I can see that Soundcloud is a great place for people to display their own music in order for other people to hear it. Here is a cover of 22 (since Taylor is no longer on Soundcloud or Spotify) that I reposted in honor of turning 22 last week!

I also made a gravatar featuring my Christmas Day Selfie.



I think that Noir is a very interesting concept. While I really am not into these kinds of movies usually, I think that this class may change my views. It is cool that there is a whole world that exists and that these types of films fit into. While Noir is not something I’ve ever heard of or had any experiences with, I am excited to work with it, and begin to understand it even more in depth. Being able to work outside of my usual comfort zone will really have a big impact on how I end up looking at things. Also, Noir is an outlet that allows for a lot of creativity, and as a future teacher, I think that we need to explore our creative sides way more often than we do now. I definitely will enjoy working with Noir this semester.


OVERALL I didn’t have too much trouble setting up anything. This was a lot easier than I was expecting it to be. When I opened the firsts email, I was VERY overwhelmed! However, I was able to complete everything in a timely manner. What drove me crazy was trying to make my webpage something I liked. I am very picky when it comes to designing and so creating my website to my high standards has been challenging. I am really excited with how it looks, so far. I am still working to get all the kinks and links to work out, but I’m sure over time it will all come together.

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