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Weekly Summary #1

I learned a lot this week and it makes me really excited for this classroom. I learned how to upload items to things like Flicker, YouTube and Twitter and the biggest, most important thing, how to embed to websites. Embedding was a lot harder than I thought it would be because I followed the instructions, but it was not working at first so I got pretty frustrated. Making a Sound Cloud and uploading music to it was a lot easier than I thought it would be because I did not realize you could just record and post, not a harder process. Embedding drove me absolutely up the wall crazy because I was having trouble getting things to actually embed and show up in the proper form and I just wanted it done. I really enjoyed getting into the world of Sound Cloud and Flicker because I had always heard about it and wanted to use them, but I never knew how. So this class allowed me to explore things I have always wanted to explore and to learn new things that can help me in further classes. This week I created a Twitter, Flicker, YouTube account and Sound Cloud and uploaded media onto them introducing myself to my new class. I uploaded things that included my friends, my favorite music and some funny little jokes just to get the classes started in a fun way that takes the fact we are doing school work a little more lightly. The process was very simple, I just went onto all of the websites and read how to make a account and created one, then I just spent some hours exploring and getting to know my way around those websites and my new accounts before uploading media to them. Then I spent some time getting to know Noir and what it was, I do not like the concept of it because I do not like dark and criminal related things. I also do not like crimes and drama, so Noir is not exactly for me, though the concept of it is a good one. Below I have inserted a link to my first blog post which includes all the embedding and examples of what I learned in my first week of DS106:

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