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Weekly Summary 1/25/2015

I will be honest and say that I have delayed my approach towards the weekly assignments this week and regret it as there was a lot of reading to get done, procrastination got the best of me. Throughout the readings, I can say that it felt tedious only because I was in a rush but overall I enjoyed the stories. To get more in depth with my reflections on the readings, here is the link to that specific blog post:

I can however say that I have really enjoyed the awkward yet fun Daily Create Assignments. For the first one, I took pictures periodically throughout that day the photo assignment was given and of course mashed up all of my pictures into one collage:

My collage for the day #dailycreate #tdc1112

Such an eventful day, I would say it was perfect timing for this assignment. UMW won against York and I was able to treat myself to some good food alongside some great friends.

The next assignment that I chose to complete was the text-on-picture project. I took a photo that I have captured at the top of a mountain and combined it with a classic line from the Lion King. This resulted in an amusing, yet motivational product and in the end I am satisfied.

Sunrise Pano with quote

I would say that this week contained an interesting checklist as I also created a Character Dossier of my own after reading pieces containing the Noir writing style. My character is named Sterling James, an aspiring young man in hopes of a successful career in media production. He is a man of God, yet there are many times when his faith is shaken as he has faced many tragedies that makes him question his own existence. I thought that this would be an interesting idea for a character because he is driven by what he often questions, which is his own belief in a God. I am excited to see how my character develops as we go further into this semester.

The last thing to do on my checklist was to customize my website. In the previous week I have already customized and played around with the available templates so this week I needed not to worry because I am actually satisfied with the appearance of my blog so far. Although I feel good about my current website, I know that I will make some innovative changes as I develop the site as we go on.

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