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Weekly Summary January 17, 2015

The first week of #ds106 was interesting to say the least. My freshmen year at UMW I was enrolled in a freshman seminar that required the use of Domain of ones own. This was very helpful in speeding up the process of getting my domain going. My domain is up and running although I am still playing around trying to customize and get my themes all set. Looking at examples of Noir was intriguing and searching for my own example was challenging. I found episodes of The Twilight zone which I found to fit the Noir characteristics perfectly.

I next worked to get all of the social media applications going. I had some experience with Twitter, YouTube, and google which were all fairly easy to set up. The challenges of set up were undoubtedly Sound Cloud and Flickr as I am brand new to both applications. My biggest challenge in getting things going was setting up a secondary account for twitter as opposed to my personal twitter. I could not use the same phone number for two twitter accounts so I had to work around that issue but finally found a solution. Below are examples of things that I have done with the social media we will be using for this course.

Posted above is a video of me pitching in one of my last games of my high school career. This video represents me showing my love for the game and love for sports in general.

Sound cloud has been incredible and I am so thankful that I have been introduced. I love music, particularly country, and if Sound Cloud doesn’t have it, it is no where to be found. I look forward to uploading my own music and sounds and it should be interesting working with the new software.


Pictured above is myself and just one of the dozens of red fish that were caught during the summer of 2014. This picture is located in Charleston, SC where my family and I vacation every year. Fishing is a big part of my life and if I have any free time that is what you will find me doing.

I have been active on Twitter for some time although I am excited to use my new account for this course. I am anxious to see everyone’s work and to get acquainted with everything the technology world has to offer!

All in all, the first week has been fun. Although we are just getting started and acquainted with different types of social media and a new domain I am already having fun. It will be interesting see what everything has to offer and how to tie everything together. I think its really cool that we can all have our own domains and it is awesome to be able to see what other people are doing. I look forward to whatever comes next!



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