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Weekly Summary – Week 1

So my first week of DS106 was exactly how Groom said it would be… and I didn’t listen. I waited until Sunday to do all of my work and that obviously wasn’t the best plan.

But at least I learned my lesson early. I wrote a post introducing myself and all of my social media. (I also made a page with links to my social media)

I’m really excited to learn about Noir. The theme of my film studies class this semester is also Noir so I should be pretty well versed by the end of this semester. Noir was always a genre I actually always avoided… the intensity was always a little much for me (in movies like Dark Knight and Sin City). They aren’t as creepy or unrealistic as most scary movies and they don’t have the long drawn out violent scenes of most action movies so they’re weirdly realistic and it always freaked me out a little. But I look forward to learning more about it. I wrote a post with two examples of what I thought Noir was.

I look forward to next week… not procrastinating… and participating in the daily creates!

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