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Weekly Summary – Week One

Well, it seems that I have completed week one of ds106. I have to say, when it was rounding to midnight on Monday night and I was trying to make my 4th social media account of the night – which was taking much longer than expected – I thought I might not even survive the first week of this course. But I did, as you can see, I did survive, and I even walked away with some pretty cool content after just one assignment.

I found the introduction to noir to be very interesting and informative. Noir was a term that I’ve always heard, but never really known what it meant. I enjoyed reading the articles that explained the main qualities of noir, but after watching and reviewing a number of examples I think I’m really starting to get a feel for what noir means. I’m starting to find myself detecting subtle qualities of noir in all types of media.

But I have to say, Bugs Bunny’s take – per usual – is by far the best.


bugs bunny noir



My example for noir was fairly unique, I think. I chose a music video, and I liked this example because I think it incorporates noir into both the lyrical content and the visual element. I thought the tone of hopelessness, the visual element of blending the characters into their surroundings, and the nostalgic and dramatic tones really represent noir in a modern interpretation. I think noir is pretty broad, and the themes can be found in a lot of different places. But, hey, judge for yourself.



Well, that’s it for week one. I feel pretty accomplished, but I’m ready to tackle some more noir!

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