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Weekly Update

Well, this week was also a struggle but it is getting better for me each time I mess with these sites. This weeks Noir reading were extremely long and to be frank they were really hard to follow. There are some exciting themes and characters that are being exposed in my research of Noir. I am slowly getting the extremity of this Noir thing.  This week building the character was my favorite assignment. It was rather thrilling getting to act as if I was a writer for a minute. The writing assignments were exciting as well. I really enjoyed writing the haiku that went along with a picture. It expresses a deeper thought that you do not realize you are capable of thinking. The plugins that we installed were rather confusing, mainly because one of them just kept buffering and didn’t do anything else. The daily creates snuck up on because I forgot to check twitter!! Well as I get better at this I am going to finish some more noir readings.


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