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Welcome to my blog!

Hi everyone! My name is Erin, I’m a sophomore at UMW and currently pursuing a Digital Studies major. The major doesn’t exist yet but it should pretty soon (or so I hear). I originally planned to attend film school, specifically for screenwriting, in Los Angeles, but when that didn’t work out I found myself at UMW. After a crazy turn of events I was placed into the TED talks FSEM and realized my hobby and interest in digital content could actually be translated into a career path. This semester I’m taking Digital Approaches to Fine Arts and Film Studies along with Digital Storytelling (and two other completely irrelevant, but still valuable classes).

On my own time, I spend a lot of time on blogs such as the phoblographer and no film school just learning as much as possible on my own. I haven’t put a lot of my content on the internet… bit of a confidence issue but I know this class will probably fix that.

One thing that I will struggle with in this class is keeping up with all the work… but I’m sure once I get into the rhythm of blogging every day it will become second nature.

As I said earlier, I don’t usually put my own content online, but decided to make my first few posts on Flickr some of my photographs.

IMG_3734 - Version 2



There are a few more pictures on my Flickr account… but these are some of my favorites. I love to travel and take my camera almost everywhere.

So I have two videos on my YouTube channel. This video is a video I had to create for my Social Media class for incoming freshman. My editing skills have seriously improved since that video… and since I acquired Final Cut Pro.

Lastly, my soundcloud. Music is a huge part of my life. For a long time I wanted to be a concert photographer to combine my passions… I still wouldn’t really mind that. I think it would be an amazing opportunity. (If you haven’t seen the trailer for No Camera’s Allowed, go watch.) My soundcloud is a mix of a lot of things… weird remixes, European songs not available in America, songs I just don’t want to buy etc. I never really pay attention to followers or anything, I basically repost and like songs so I can find them later. Here is a link to the weirdest song on my soundcloud… it’s one of my favorites right now… (I’m also sorry if it says anything offensive, I don’t speak french)


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