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What am I?

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It’s so dark and cold, I hardly see the light of day. But when you put your hand on me and pull, all the darkness goes away. You always take from me until I’m empty, then once a week you restock me with plenty.

Pictures of your family are hung up on the front of me along with some places you’ve been but I’ve never seen. I’m always here when you’re hungry or bored, just come find something in my plethora of shelves and drawers.

Steaks, yogurt, left over pizza, aloe, and drinks galore.. I’m always waiting for you to add some more!

What am I?


I chose the topic of writing from an inanimate object’s perspective because I saw it as a challenge. I wanted to think about something that I used every day and what it could possibly be thinking, it’s also sort of like a riddle… So I left out the answer so someone can guess what it is!! :)

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