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TV Guide Remix

Take an existing movie or television show and change the writing of the synopsis in a way where it’s still factual correct, yet the storyline feels drastically different.

Story Behind the Story: Words are an interesting aspect of our language. We can manipulate them and force them to mean whatever we want. Another person can read those same words and come up with a completely different meaning. Our society can portray any scenario using the right words or even the wrong ones. This is enhanced throughout the web where face to face discussion is limited; therefore, stimulating the need for us to make our own interpretations. Media chooses words arouse a sense of doubt as well as certainty. It shows us what it wants us to believe while also giving us a chance to guide us to our own conclusion. Miscommunication. Deception. Imagination. Freedom. These are what words can bring into society.

This assignment gave me the opportunity to work with words and manipulate the reader to believe something that is true but false at the same time. While what I wrote does happen in the movie, it leaves out the humor of the plot. It puts the power in the hands of the creator. For anyone that has never seen Mean Girls, my caption makes it seem like a drama filled, teenage angst story when in reality its a classic humor induced Tina Fey production. I would love to incorporate something like this in the English classroom. It would show students the meaning and power behind words.  It is fascinating to me that both captions are entirely true but only one shows the true nature of the film. So which one do you believe?

The Work Itself:

Mean Girls

Original:  Cady joins her new high school’s most powerful clique — but there’s hell to pay when the ex-boyfriend of the clique’s leader wants to be Cady’s guy.

Re-invented: Cady suffers from her socially secluded childhood, and ends up mingling in with the most deceptive crowd at her new school. Her relationships begin to disintegrate and a fatal crash may be her only saving grace.

Narrating the Process:

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 8.20.24 PM


I spent a great deal of time shifting through Netflix. If you hover over the movie titles then it brings up the packaged caption. I chose Mean Girls because I believed the “real” caption didn’t summarize the movie effectively.

I wanted to make it more dramatic with a twist. I thought back to my last viewing of Mean Girls (which I won’t lie was probably within the last month) and tried to remember the main points that took from the movie: home-schooled kid, mean girls, mean girl getting hit by a bus, friends. Then I added adjectives to make those events seem more intense: deceptive, disintegrate, and fatal.

I went with the opposite of the original tone to create a true but slightly over exaggerated description.

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