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What Happens When “The Killers” Actually Become Killers? An Alternative Ending to “The Killers,” Featuring Detective Long!

Ole Anderson ended up not showing up, so we couldn’t show bright one what we wanted to do to him. After we overheard the conversation among George and Nick,  we new we had to take matters into our own hands before they warned, or even saved him from what was coming to him. We decided to hire detective Longs to go and handle the dirty business for us. With his tough, yet caring looking demeanor, we knew that this was the best bet to get to Anderson before they did. We sent Longs to his house, where he learned from Mrs. Bell, that Anderson had been feeling under the weather today and taking into account his age and that we knew this was our time. We were known as the killers and we were going to live up to our name wether we did the killing or not. Longs went into the room, trying to play the innocent hard, like he was there to help him and figure out what he had done wrong and what he could do to help. After Ole Anderson just stated that if they wanted him dead, then they could do it, it would happen sooner or later and within that moment and those words, one shot and he was dead. Longs had been hiding the gun in his sleeve all along, when leaving he wished Mrs. Bell a goodnight and said that Anderson had fallen asleep while he was in there, just to give him time to break away and leave before finding poor Ole Anderson dead, on his bed. Maybe next time he will learn to not double cross somebody..

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