straight down the line

What you’re about to read is a nightmare.

Where Is Everybody?

I Shot An Arrow Into The Air,
A Quality Of Mercy.

The Four Of Us Are Dying.

Of Late I Think Of Cliffordville,
The Parallel,
The Incredible World Of Horace Ford.

On Thursday We Leave For Home –
The Hunt,
Ninety Years Without Slumbering.

And When The Sky Was Opened
I Sing The Body Electric.

I, again, was intrigued by this poetry writing assignment. Like the Twitter poetry writing assignment, I really enjoyed combining things in a way to make meaning. I found this one to be a little more difficult, though, because I challenged myself not to add any new words. Since the episode titles have more to them than Twitter, I wanted to make my poem solely out of the words given. Therefore, I decided to only add punctuation rather than new words.
As a result, I think my poem was a little more stretched as far as an actual meaning is concerned. It was difficult to find titles that would actually flow together. I decided to focus on the idea of noir in order to fix that problem. In noir, plots are often discordant and timelines are jumbled. Plus, the language and tone of The Twilight Zone reflects aspects of noir, such as mystery and terror. Therefore, I used the theme of noir to tie this poem together, with two or three lines combined that actually worked together as a brief story.
I’ve always enjoyed the The Twilight Zone and was excited to see it incorporated into an assignment. As I said before, I think The Twilight Zone is a great example of noir, which makes it even more applicable for this class. I liked being able to draw on the aspects of noir we’ve studied in the past two weeks and incorporate that into an assignment.

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