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What’s in a Name?

This is the “What’s in a Name?” writing assignment that is two points. My given name is a part of the url for this blog. My name is Kassia Rivera. My last name is sort of self explanatory. I’m half-Hispanic (specifically Puerto Rican) on my dad’s side so, I have a Hispanic last name. My first name is a bit more interesting. My name isn’t very common in the United States. It’s origin is Hebrew and it means Pure. It’s more common in places like Poland and the UK. The reason my first name is a name that is very rare is because my mom likes to read. She was reading a mystery series and she admired the name and decided that I would have that name. Another interesting thing is that I don’t pronounce my name like it should be pronounced because my mom never looked up the formal pronunciation and just went with what she thought it was supposed to pronounced as. So, it should be pronounced like kah-SEE-ah but I say KASS-ee-ah instead. I’ve never met someone with the same name as me in America, and I would be really surprised if I did.

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