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What’s in a Radio Show?

That is indeed the question.  I have one idea that has just stuck in my head after reading Eureka! by Leanna.  My idea might be a bit too complicated for a radio show, but that’s the point, it’s just an idea.

What if there was a radio show within the radio show?  Like we, as listeners would hear the radio show but there would be a narrator who commentated all the scenes outside of the radio show and the characters themselves would have dialogue also and all that jazz.  Then there’s a rival radio show host who lost all of his listeners to this new radio show host that everyone listens to because he’s got all the gossip.  So the new guy (we’ll call him Host 1), is broadcasting his show on air when all of a sudden there’s a gun shot and everything goes quiet.  All the listeners think it’s part of the show but after many minutes of silence they turn the channel.  Then it’s an all out murder mystery.  Did Host 2 kill Host 1?  Did Host 1 kill himself?  Did Host 1 get on someone else’s bad side?  Find out next time on my Radio Show blog posts…


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