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Whats in Jeffrey Davidson Bag?

What’s In Your Bag?- 3 stars
For this assignment you have to write about what would be in your character dossier’s bag.

Jeffrey’s backpack

Jeff keeps this GRE practice book in his backpack at all times so when he has some free time between his two jobs he can prepare for the exam. He didn’t finish high school but he still wants to be able to go to college one day and taking the GRE would be the first step to helping him getting there.

Jeffrey is a smoker. He smokes about 2-3 packs a week and he always has cigarettes and a lighter on him at all times.

His phone, he needs to have on him all the time as well. He has all of his important contact information on there and he keeps it track all of his expenses and the ‘extra’ money he makes from his side business.

This necklace was given to Jeff from his mom before she passed. He always has this with him in his bag too.

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