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What’s In Lena’s bag?

This assignment was a required assignment on the character we made up and it was worth 3 points. Here is the link to the assignment:

In Lena’s bag there are only a few things. She’s a simple person and only carries the essentials with her!

1. Blistix – This is something that Lena has to have on her at all times, whether it’s in her purse or just in her pocket. Especially at this time of year in New York, it’s very easy for her to get chapped lips. The bitter winds will beat on you up there and going from the outside to inside is always a drastic temperature change.

2. Key Ring – Another item in Lena’s bag is her key ring that has her keys to her apartment and to her car. Although this seems like a pretty common item for anyone, Lena always uses it for safety. When walking home from classes or from anywhere at night, she gets a sense of protection by holding the keys between her fingers if someone were to come at her.

3. Mace – This is another item that Lena uses for a sense of protection. This is the little black tube that’s in the middle front of the picture. Her dad bought this for her before she went away to college so he would have a little bit of piece of mind too. As we’ll learn later on… Lena has a reason for having all these walls up and having two different ways to protect herself.

4. RayBans – The next item that’s in Lena’s bag is her RayBans. They’re the tortoise shell wayfarers with Lilly Pulitzer croakies. Since Lena walks everywhere, she always needs to protect her sensitive blues eyes while also looking fashionable.

5. Dark Lipstick – This is one of Lena’s favorite things. It’s a deep berry colored lipstick that she always has on her. She doesn’t wear it everyday but she keeps it on her just in case she needs to spice up her outfit or look a little different under her RayBans and floppy hat.

6. Wallet – This is kind of an obvious thing to have in a purse, but it is essential to include. In here, Lena has her credit card, gift cards, and just a little bit of cash. She doesn’t carry a ton just in case she were to lose it. You can cancel a credit card, but you can’t make your cash come back.

7. Headband – Since Lena is in Veterinarian school, she always needs to be able to get her hair out of her face. When working with any animal, her shoulder-length hair will swing right in front of her face and distract her. The headband pictured is her favorite one that her family had sent her when they went on a mission trip to Guatemala. Now that her family is in Scotland, they travel more and more to places all over the world and send Lena a souvenir from each place they go to.

8. Advil – Another item in Lena’s bag is a small bottle of Advil. Lena gets headaches all the time from neck and back problems that she’s had for years. There’s nothing she can really do about it besides try to relax her muscle with heated pillows and massages. So, she always carries some Advil around for the small pains that nag her throughout the day.

9. Small Moleskin & Pen – This last item is Lena’s favorite thing that she carries around with her. She uses the pages as a place to write any thoughts or ideas that enter her mind. She writes them all down before she even has the chance to forgot them. So if she happens to leave it at home during the day, her entire day is thrown off.


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